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  • Can I buy a SIM card for my phone while I am in NZ?
    The two main mobile phone networks in New Zealand are Spark and Vodafone. If you have a phone that is unlocked, you can purchase a SIM card from either of these providers. This will make it considerably cheaper than using roaming data with your home SIM card. You can compare the two networks here by looking at the following links: You can buy these from the airport.
  • What is included in my tour?
    The inclusions of your tour will be noted in your itinerary.
  • Do I need a conversion plug?
    New Zealand operates on a 240v power supply, on a 2-3 pronged outlet. Adaptors can be purchased easily upon arrival. Bringing a powerboard is a good idea, as then you will only need one adaptor.
  • Is there wi-fi?
    There will not be wi-fi in the vehicles you will travel in, but there will be opportunites at places we stop to use free wifi in cafes etc. Most accommodation should have wifi, but this cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to purchase a NZ SIM card for your phone, you can find details about this elsewhere in the FAQ's.
  • What isn't included in my tour?
    Spending money, visas (if applicable), personal travel insurance (highly recommended), medical fees, cost of optional activities, entrance fees and excursions (unless specified in your tour itinerary), flights, departure taxes and any meals not specified on your tour itinerary.
  • Do I need to advise if I have a medical condition?
    If you have an existing medical condition, allergies or disability which may affect your trip, we ask that you inform us in writing at the time of booking. We may ask you to obtain a medical certificate. If we reasonably feel we are unable to satisfactorily accommodate your particular needs, we reserve the right to decline the booking or to require that you be accompanied by a person who is able to provide full assistance to you. If you require regular medication, you must have a sufficient supply before your trip departs, as it may be difficult to obtain while travelling. You must be able to administer your own medication.
  • What about my passport or visa requirements?
    Please make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the last day of your trip. Some countries will refuse entry if there is not at least six months validity remaining on your passport after your departure date from their country. Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa to enter New Zealand. It is your responsibility to obtain these prior to the departure of this trip. You can consult the government websites of the countries in which you will be travelling or your own government’s website to determine which visas you will require. Remember that some visas can take up to six weeks to acquire, so don’t leave it until the last minute. Also bear in mind that the validity of the visa often runs from the date of issue rather than date of entry into the country. Please check with the appropriate embassies prior to departure as requirements do change periodically.
  • How much spending money will I need?
    Naturally everybody's spending varies. As a general guide we suggest budgeting around NZD$70-90 per person per day. Throughout the trip your tour leader will also inform you of any optional activities which you may wish to participate in, for which you will need to budget extra. You will be able to find a more detailed list and price guidelines in your itinerary.
  • What if I am on a special diet?
    If you have special dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian or vegan, we will make every effort to ensure your specific needs are catered for as long as you tell us at the time of booking. Unfortunately in some locations the variety of food is limited so we cannot guarantee availability when eating out. There are some diets we are unable to cater for such as religious diets, so if you are unsure please contact us to check. Please re-confirm any dietary requirements with your tour leader at the start of your trip.
  • How much luggage am I allowed to bring?
    Each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage plus a small day pack/carry bag. The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 23kgs, and your small carry bag must not exceed 7kg.
  • Is it easy to change money?
    ATMs/cashpoints are available all over New Zealand and are the safest and easiest way to access money. Major credit cards are also accepted and we recommend you bring yours along in case you see something special that you hadn't budgeted for. Some nationals may have access to pre-paid cards that you can use at any ATM just like a debit card that you may want to consider as a viable alternative or addition to your bank card. We recommend that you change approximately NZ$150 in cash before departure. This will cover you for spending money until you have the chance to change more or find an ATM on the ground.
  • Can I drink tap water in NZ?
    Yes. Except in exceptional circumstances, NZ tapwater is universally safe to drink.
  • What do I need to pack?
    The golden rule is to travel as light as you can. Only bring what you really need and leave plenty of space for things you might want to buy. Don't forget you will have to carry your bag around yourself before and after the trip, as well as in and out of where you’re staying while on your trip! The following is a suggested clothing list only, based on our experience: -1 pair of comfortable walking shoes -1 pair of smart casual shoes -1 pair thongs/jandals/flip-flops -2 pairs jeans/trousers -2 pairs shorts/skirts -4 shirts/t-shirts -2 sweaters/jumpers -Smart casual evening wear -1 rainproof jacket -1 warm jacket -Underwear and socks! Other things to pack: -Swimwear -Toiletries -Hat and Sunscreen -Basic medical kit (including plasters, aspirin etc.) -Washing powder -Insect repellent -Conversion plug Optionals to consider: -Sewing kit -Pillow case -Torch -Travel pillow Final Checklist -Passport (with visas if required!) -Airline tickets (where applicable) -Insurance Policy -Camera; batteries; chargers; conversion plug
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is highly recommended. This should be taken out at the time of booking. We recommend getting a comprehensive travel insurance policy which covers you for all medical expenses (including repatriation) and any expensive items you bring away with you such as laptops, tablets, smart phones and cameras. Check the policy wording and excess limits before you book and make sure they are to your satisfaction. Travel insurance should be taken out at the time of booking in case of unforeseen events which may lead you to cancel your trip.
  • How can I be contacted?
    New Zealand has good mobile network coverage, but there are areas (especially hilly areas) that will not have coverage. If your phone does not work in NZ, or you do not purchase a NZ SIM (as covered elsewhere in the FAQ's), then you can be contacted through KayeTiki admin at +64 27 922 5724 or through email at Accommodation names will be printed on your itinerary.
  • How much time will I spend travelling?
    We try to spend as little time travelling as possible so that you have more time to enjoy the places you visit. Please remember though that driving in New Zealand takes time. On driving days between cities you will be travelling during the day, stopping off to visit places of interest where possible. Driving rules apply in New Zealand that limits the number of days your Driver can drive before a day off must be taken. We work hard to make sure this does not affect your trip.
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